This project has the ambition of harmonizing and modernizing doctoral education at PIs and to create a network of researchers that is capable to respond to challenges related to plant health in sustanaible agriculture.Therfore, the need for highly educated professionals with deep understanding in the area of plant health is high and this is the reason why we believe that sustainability of the project will be ensured.

The most important project deliverable will be the draft of a curriculum for the International Joint PhD study program (WP2). This draft will serve as initial document for interested partners to continue and accredit the Joint International PhD study program in plant health for sustainable agriculture and to apply for a new project.

Additionally, the sustainability will be achieved by ensuring the sustainability of harmonized and improved PhD study program in plant health for sustainable agriculture (WP3) what will also be the result of the project. Developed teaching materials will be used from many partners in the project after the project will terminate.

PhD students and staff mobility proposed in the project will contribute to the better networking of teachers and PhD students (WP5). The number of dissertation under double supervision will increase. The project will help WBC partners to be more involved in EU networks and projects. The network of teachers and students will be created.

By the creation of diagnostic and training hubs (WP4) the intra-WBC networking and creation of the platform of competences will be supported.

By improving skills of teachers for preparing project application (WP5) the number of scientific project application at PIs will increase what will ensure more research topics and more PhD candidates in future. By improving mentoring skills and empowering less experienced teachers for mentoring PhD study programs in plant health will sustain in the future.