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University of Zagreb
Faculty of Agriculture

The University of Zagreb (1669) (UNIZG) is the oldest and biggest university in South-Eastern Europe. It is consisting of 33 constituent units, faculties and academies. With its comprehensive programs and over 50,000 full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students the UNIZG is the strongest teaching institution in Croatia. Project will be implemented by Faculty of Agriculture (FAZ). The main strategic goals of FAZ are to develop scientific excellence, innovation in research and collaboration with business sector; to contribute to the sustainable development of the Croatian economy and society as a whole and to improve international cooperation in teaching and scientific-research area. For the academic year 2016/17, FAZ has signed over 40 bilateral agreements with partner institutions from the Erasmus+ Program countries. FAZ has also long experience in TEMPUS, ERASMUS and in EU scientific projects (FP5, FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020). There are offices for international relations (at FAZ and UNIZG) experienced to coordinate and administrate the project activities both, incoming and outgoing students’ needs.

FAZ performs undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education in all fields of agronomy from plant to animal science, agricultural economy, agricultural engineering, organic agriculture, plant health, landscape architecture, environment and resource management). Study programs are based on scientific, basic, applied and development studies, aimed at creating new knowledge and ideas and at fostering critical thinking and creativity, and knowledge and innovation transfer towards the economy. Teachers and researchers are involved in implementation of basic, development and applied research projects, and actively participating in professional collaboration. Three departments (20-25 teaching staff) are carried out research programs and educating PhD students in plant health. Every year, 2 to 4 PhD students finish their PhD study related to plant health.

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Role in the project:

As the project coordinator, FAZ will have the main responsibility in WP 9 (Project management). For this, FAZ will carry out the development and updating of project plans, provision of necessary guidelines and guidance, organization and moderation of the consortium, coordination of overall project activities, supporting and enabling the project internal communication, coordination and controlling of the financial issues (and performance of related reports), development of any additional project documentation and serving as a contact point towards the project founder. FAZ will also be responsible together with partner from University of F. San Noli Korce for WP 5 (Mobility and Training od PhD students and staff) and with SVEMO for WP 7 (Dissemniation). FAZ will actively participate in PhD students and staff mobility by accepting incoming students and staff to conduct a part of their investigation or enrol PhD course at particular department and, also sending teachers and PhD students to partner institutions to conduct investigation, take courses or have a short term training at host institution.

Key staff involved in the project: 

  1. Prof. Renata Bažok, PhD Contact
  2. Prof. Boro Mioč, PhD Contact
  3. Asssoc. prof. Dinka Grubišić, PhD Contact
  4. Assoc. prof. Aleksandar Mešić, PhD Contact
  5. Assoc. prof. Marko Vinceković, PhD Contact
  6. Assis. prof. Darija Lemić, PhD Contact
  7. Assis. prof. Maja Čačija, PhD Contact
  8. Assis. prof. Ivana Pajač Živković, PhD Contact
  9. Assis. prof. Ivan Juran, PhD Contact
  10. Assis. prof. Maja Šćepanović, PhD Contact
  11. Zrinka Drmić, PhD Contact
  12. Sandra Skendžić, Contact


  1. Helena Virić Gašparić, Contact
  2. Martina Mrganić, Contact
  3. Valentina Šoštarčić, Contact