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University of Sarajevo
Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences

The University of Sarajevo (UNSA) cultivates centuries long tradition of high education in B&H. Institutional beginnings of our high education are quite similar to the Western Europe’s university tradition. In 1531, Gazi Husrev–bey had founded the Hanikah, a Sufi philosophy high school, which was supplemented in 1537 with the institution for Islamic sciences studying. In 1887, precisely during the period of Austrian – Hungarian rule, the Shariah Court School started with its work, operating as a five year high school. Modern history of the UNSA begins with the opening of first secular higher education institutions, in the dusk of and during WWII (Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry 1940, Faculty of Medicine, 1944). The UNSA was officially founded in 1949, which makes it the oldest university in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With more than 40,000 students enrolled, it is also currently the largest university in BiH. UNSA consist from 24 faculties and academies, 4 university institutes and 5 university centres, National and University Library of BiH, University Clinical Centre and Student Parliament Since its founding, the UNSA is oriented towards international cooperation, building bridges between cultures, and establishing formal partnerships with universities from all over the world.

Project will be implemented by Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences (PPF). The main strategic goals of PPF are to develop scientific excellence, innovation in research and collaboration with business sector. PPF performs undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education in all fields of agronomy from plant to animal science, agricultural economy and food technology. Study programs are based on scientific, basic, applied and development studies, aimed at creating new knowledge and ideas and at fostering critical thinking and creativity. PPF is organized trough 8 institutes/departments. One of them is Department for Plant protection representative for postgraduate and PhD study on Plant health.

Role in the project:

As the project partner, UNSA will share the responsibility together with project coordinator, University of Zagreb for WP 6 (Quality plan). UNSA will have its representatives in all WPs and will actively contribute to the activities in all WPs. As a project partner, UNSA will communicate with project’s coordinator, PI coordinators and WP coordinators in order to ensure that UNSA will actively participate in PhD students and staff mobility by sending teachers and PhD students to partner institutions to conduct investigation, take courses or have a short term training at host institution or by accepting incoming students and staff to conduct a part of their investigation or train UNSA teachers or students.

Key staff involved in the project:

  1. Prof. Nedžad Karić, PhD
  2. Prof. Mirha Đikić, PhD
  3. Prof. Saud Hamidović, PhD
  4. Assist. prof. Melisa Ljuša, PhD
  5. Prof. Drena Gadžo, PhD
  6. Assist. prof. Teofil Gavrić, PhD
  7. Prof. Faud Gaši, PhD
  8. Assist. prof. Jasmin Grahić, PhD
  9. Assist. prof. Almir Toroman, PhD
  10. Sabrija Čadro


  1. Fejzo Bašić
  2. Mrs. Arnela Okić