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University of Novi Sad
Faculty of Agriculture

The University of Novi Sad (UNS) was founded in 1960. It is the state university in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, comprising 14 faculties and 2 research and developmental institutes. The activities of UNS are realized through fundamental, applied and developmental teaching and research in the field of natural, technical, social, humanistic and medical sciences, including arts. UNS has around 2900 academic staff and 45 000 students. Project will be implemented by the Faculty of Agriculture (PFNS) which was established in 1954 and is mutually with Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences recognized as the founder of the University of Novi Sad.

Currently there are more than 400 ongoing research and academic international projects at the University (H2020, FP6 & FP7projects, projects within EUREKA, COST, SCOPES, TEMPUS), as well as a certain number of mobility schemes (Erasmus Mundus Action 2, Erasmus +, Campus Europae, CEEPUS, FORЕCAST, etc). Due to its reputation as one of the leading internationally-oriented universities in Serbia, Prof. Dr. Miroslav Vesković, former Rector of UNS, has been given a key coordinating role for the Priority Area 7 within the EU Strategy for the Danube Region: Developing the Knowledge Society through Research, Education and Information Technologies.

The Faculty of Agriculture has a central character in lowland agriculture in the country and comprises courses necessary to provide students with the knowledge in the field of agriculture, from plant to animal science, agricultural economy and tourism, agricultural engineering, organic agriculture, plant health, landscape architecture, environment and resource management. Faculty yearly performs undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education.

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Role in the project:

As Partner University University of Novi Sad (UNS), together with University of Bari Aldo Moro (UNIBA), will take responsibility in WP 3, entitled Implementation, which will include improvement of the scientific contents in accordance with established framework concerning exchange of PhD students and work within small groups in different plant health fields of research: diagnosis in plant health and IPM, sustainable use of pesticides, plant feeders, plant pathology, weed science and mycotoxins and food safety. Furthermore UNS representatives will be involved in activities related to other WP within the Project.

UNS staff and PhD students will actively participate in all kind of mobility, either by accepting incoming persons, or by sending students and teachers to other partner institutions for short term trainings and courses, including research activities.

Key staff involved in the project:

  1. Assist. prof. Aleksandra Konjević, PhD Contact
  2. Prof. Sanja Lazić, PhD Contact
  3. Prof. Ferenc Bagi, PhD Contact
  4. Assoc. prof. Aleksandra Ignjatović Ćupina, PhD Contact
  5. Prof. Vera Stojšin, PhD Contact
  6. Assoc. prof. Slavica Vuković, PhD Contact
  7. Assis. prof. Bojan Konstantinović, PhD  Contact
  8. Prof. Dušan Petrić, PhD Contact


  1. Marta Loc
  2. Milica Dudić