University of Mostar

University of Mostar
Agricultural and food tehnology faculties

The University of Mostar (SVEMO) employs around 1070 teaching staff and 160 administrative staff. It is internationally oriented and its intention is to become fully integrated into the European Higher Education Area. It has over 15 000 students. It consists of 10 faculties and one Academy. The University is a full member of the most prominent European and regional University associations and academic networks (CEEPUS, EUCEN, EUA, Magna Charta, etc.). Around 30 agreements on interUniversity cooperation have been signed with Universities from EHEA. Some results of these agreements can be seen in the international projects such as TEMPUS, IPA, FP7.

Due to the nature of the project packages and our participation, the Mostar Unversity will organize an interdisciplinary team which will primarily be based at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Technology. The Faculty of Agriculture and Food Technology was established in 1994 and since then, it has evolved into a regional leader in education, research, and promotion of agricultural science. Research that has been carried out at the Faculty, has significantly improved agricultural science and provided solutions for problems and challenges in domestic agricultural production. Faculty of Agriculture and Food Technology staff are also very active in organizing lectures with the aim to popularize agricultural profession, preservation of rural area, environment protection and traditional values of the region where they work. They regularly offer various special and LLL certificate programs (cheese production, bee keeping - honey production, vegetable production, etc.)

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Role in the project: 

As the project partner, SVEMO will jointly with FAZ coordinate WP 8 (dissemination). SVEMO will have its representatives in all WPs and will actively contribute to the activities in all WPs. SVEMO with FAZ will disseminate different materials on plant protection issues, catalogue of competencies and other supporting documentation. Academic staff from SVEMO will have an active part in dissemination of acquired knowledge in plant protection, and participate in different events to promote obtained results in this project. We will participate in all activities related to planning, development and realization of teaching modules for PhD students. Importance of developed program in plant protection will be presented to public (stackeholders, master students, agencies, ministry ect.). SVEMO will put all available resources in terms of human resources/expertise and premises to the accomplishment of all tasks in the frame of the project. SVEMO will be response for e portal.

Key staff involved in the project :

  1. Assoc. prof. Ivan Ostojić, PhD Contact
  2. Assoc. prof. Adrijana Filipović, PhD  Contact
  3. Assoc. prof. Danijela Petrović, PhD Contact
  4. Mladen Zovko Contact
  5. Anita Ivanković, PhD Contact
  6. Anita Jurić, PhD Contact
  7. Ana Mandić, PhD Contact
  8. Jurica Primorac, PhD Contact


  1. Antonela Musa
  2. Nikola Stojkić