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The University of Montenegro (UoM) was founded in 1974. UoM has developed in accordance with the spirit of time and the growing needs of Montenegro. It includes 20 faculties, three institutes and two independent study programmes. With its respectable academic offer and over 20.000 students, UoM represents the strongest educational institution in Montenegro. From the academic year 2004/2005, studies at the University of Montenegro at all faculties have performed in accordance with the Bologna Declaration principles. UoM is a member of a number of interuniversity associations such as EUA (European University Association), CEI (Central European Initiative), UNIMED (the Mediterranean Universities Union), CUM (Communita delle Universita Mediterranee), etc. UoM has significant cooperation with UNESCO, Council of Europe, American Council, WUS Austria, British Council, DAAD, as well as with foreign offices in Montenegro.

The project will be implemented by Biotechnical Faculty (BTF) of the UoM. BTF has long tradition in research and scientific work (founded in 1937), however, it started with teaching and education of students in 2005/2006. Study programs are organized at bachelor and master level, while doctoral studies have not been organized so far. Since UoM will start to implement reaccredited study programs since 2017/2018, doctoral studies are foreseen to be organized at the BTF. BTF participated in the realization of numerous national (financed by Ministry of Science, Ministry of Agriculture etc.) and international projects (EU FP7, Tempus, Cost, IPA, bilateral projects) and is at the top position within the UoM according to the number of various projects. Strategic objectives of BTF are to build up human resources and to improve the quality of the offered educational programs; to increase participation in international programs and projects; to modernize its research and technical capacities and to enhance its competitiveness by transferring knowledge and services.

Role in the project:

UoM will be included in WP2 in Joint framework for harmonization of PhD SP and development of the curricullum draft, together with partner from University of Plovdiv. UoM will have representatives in all WPs and will contribute actively in all activities related to project implementation. UoM will actively participate in mobility of PhD students and staff by accepting incoming students and staff to conduct a part of their investigation or enroll PhD course at particular department and also sending teachers and PhD students to partner institutions to conduct investigation, take courses or have a short term training at host institution.

Key staff involved in the project :

1. Prof. Nedeljko Latinović, PhD Contact

2. Prof. Željko Jaćimović, PhD Contact

3. Prof. Zorica Leka, PhD Contact

4. Prof. Jelena Latinović, PhD Contact

5. Prof. Snježana Hrnčić, PhD Contact

6. Prof. Sanja Radonjić, PhD Contact

7. Igor Pajović, PhD Contact