University of Bari Aldo Moro

University of Bari Aldo Moro

The University of Bari Aldo Moro (UNIBA) is a HE and research public body, founded in 1924, covering all fields from basic to R&D, with currently about 50.000 students. It offers 113 BS, 104 MS and specialization and 87 PhD courses. It is one of the largest University in Italy and is composed of 23 Departments, 52 research and didactic centres and 2 schools (Sciences and Technologies, and Medicine). It takes part in the scientific and technological incubator/park of TECNOPOLIS, supports the creation of spin offs, is member of 6 productive and technological districts and more than 90 national and international consortia and associations (UNIMED, CUM, CONISMA, CUIA, APRE).

UNIBA participates in numerous national, regional and EU funded projects. In 2015, 12 projects were funded by structural and cohesion funds for which UNIBA is partner or leader; 4 of them were funded in Horizon 2020, 6 in Marie-Curie and 9 in FP7. UNIBA is also very active in participating in educational projects (TEMPUS IV, LLP) and Erasmus+ Program. It is Leader in one of the three Erasmus+ projects, KA2, granted in 2015, and partner in 2 of them. Scientific relations are promoted by 199 collaboration agreements with other Universities from European and non-European Countries. Moreover, UNIBA supports European policies, being part of the European networks Eurodesk and Europe Direct.

After the Italian University Reform (2010), people involved at the former Faculty of Agriculture were re-arranged between the Dept. of Soil, Plant and Food Sciences (DiSSPA) and the Dept. of Agro-Environmental and Territorial Sciences (DiSAAT). DiSSPA jointly to DiSAAT performs undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education in all agriculture and forestry fields with study programs projected to basic, applied and development studies, and to the innovation transfer towards the productive sectors, also actively participating in professional collaborations.

The project will be implemented mainly by DiSSPA.

Role in the project:

UNIBA will be together with the staff of the University of Novi Sad (UNS) responisible for WP 3- Improving the scientific content according to the established framework by PhD student exchange and within small working groups. Additionally UNIBA will nominate UNIBA staff will be involved and actively contribute in the activities of all WPs.

As well as the other programme countries involved in this project, UNIBA will actively participate in PhD student and staff mobility by accepting incoming PhD students and staff to conduct a part of their investigation, also sending teachers and PhD students to partner institutions to conduct investigation, take courses or have a short term training at host institution.

Key staff involved in the project :

  1. Prof. Enrico de Lillo, PhD Contact
  2. Prof. Francesco Faretra, PhD Contact
  3. Prof. Antonio Ippolito, PhD Contact
  4. Assis. prof. Matteo Spagnuolo, PhD Contact
  5. Assoc. prof. Eustachio Tarasco, PhD Contact
  6. Pietro Borracci, PhD Contact
  7. Assoc. prof. Franco Nigro, PhD Contact
  8. Assis. prof. Claudio de Giovanni, PhD Contact
  9. Assis. prof. Stefania Pollastro, PhD Contact
  10. Rita Milvia De Miccolis Angelini, PhD Contact


  1. Claudia Greco
  2. Vincenzo Tragni