Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek

Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek
Faculty of Agrobiotehnical Sciences Osijek (FAZOS)

The Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek (UNIOS) is one of the oldest and biggest universities in Croatia, with first high education institutions and studies dating back to 1707. The initiative for the founding of the modern University of Osijek dates back to 1975. Today the UNIOS is developing into a modern European HEI. It acts as a regional center of knowledge, research and excellence. There are around 20 000 students enrolled UNIOS at the moment. It consists of 12 faculties, 5 University departments and 1 Academy of Arts. UNIOS organizes studies at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level in the following fields: natural sciences, technical sciences, biomedicine and medicine, biotechnical sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts. There are also studies within interdisciplinary fields. Studies are organized according to Bologna principles and ECTS is fully implemented at all levels. 

The Faculty of Agrobiotehnical Sciences Osijek (FAZOS) (founded in 1960) is one of the UNIOS oldest members. In addition to education through its academic undergraduate, graduate, professional and postgraduate study programmes, FAZOS core activity includes scientific and research work in the scientific field of agronomy. Scientific and teaching faculty have the task of educating students, introducing them into the world of basic knowledge about plants, animals and farming technologies so that they could independently manage processes of agricultural production, whose ultimate goal is production of food for human community. Teachers use their own knowledge of scientific and professional work, and thereby enhance and modernize the education of students. As of 2017, there are 231 staff employed on the Faculty and 12 international projects are in the process (Horizon2020, Erasmus+, Interreg etc.). Altogether, in academic year 2016/2017, 1607 students enrolled at the FAZOS. The Department of plant protection (11 teaching staff) is carried out teaching and research programs in plant health.

Role in the project:

As the project partner, FAZOS will have together with UB the main responsibility in WP 1 (Review of the existing PhD study programs) and with UNSA in WP 6 (Quality plan). Additionally FAZOS will nominate its staff will be involved and actively contribute in the activities of all WPs. As a project partner, FAZOS will communicate with project’s coordinator, PI coordinators and WP coordinators in order to be sure that FAZOS will actively participate in PhD students and staff mobility by accepting incoming students and staff to conduct a part of their investigation or enrol PhD course at particular department and also sending teachers and PhD students to partner institutions to conduct investigation, take courses or have a short term training at host institution.  

Key staff involved in the project :

  1. Prof. Vlatka Rozman, PhD Contact
  2. Prof. Zvonko Antunović, PhD Contact
  3. Prof. Karolina Vrandečić, PhD Contact
  4. Prof. Ivana Majić, PhD Contact
  5. Prof. Renata Baličević, PhD Contact
  6. Daniel Haman, LL.M. Contact
  7. Izv. Prof. Anita Liška, PhD Contact
  8. Pavo Lucić, PhD Contact
  9. Izv. Prof. Jelena Ilić, PhD Contact
  10. Marija Grgić, dipl.oec Contact


  1. Jelena Puškarić, Contact
  2. Tamara Siber ,