„F. San Noli” University of Korce

„F. San Noli” University of Korce
Faculty of Agriculture

The University of Korça [UNKO] was created on 7 January 1992, on the basis of the Higher Agricultural Institute of Korça (1971-1992). In 1994 it was given the name “Fan S. Noli” and in the same year The School of Nursing, was opened. The University “Fan S, Noli” of Korça has approximately 5600 full time students. There are 160 full time pedagogues and lecturers teaching (50 per cent of which hold titles and degrees). The studies in this University are organized in two levels: first level and second level, based on the Bologna Declaration. During the academic year 2016-2017 the University of Korça is preparing specialists in 26 programs of study. The University of Korça offers study courses in the fields of agriculture, economics, teaching and medicine. The Bologna Declaration is part of its daily program and they are properly respecting the Law of Higher Education, this way integrating Korce's university in the European Space of Higher Education. The University has participated in various Tempus projects covering such topics such as curriculum development through regional cooperation, improvement of teaching quality, curriculum reform. UNKO has a long experience in TEMPUS, ERASMUS and in EU scientific projects (FP5, FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020). There are offices for international relations (at UNKO level and a commission for international relationship) experienced to coordinate and administrate the project activities both, incoming and outgoing students’ needs.

UNKO performs undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education in some fields of agronomy from plant science, agricultural economy, agricultural engineering. Teachers and researchers are involved in implementation of basic, development and applied research projects, and actively participating in professional collaboration.

Role in the project:

As the project partner, UNKO will share the responsibility together with coordinator from University of Zagreb for WP 5 (Mobility, Training od PhD students and staff). UNKO will actively contribute in the activities in WPs. As project partner, UNKO will overview the activities and communicate with PI coordinators and WP coordinators in order to ensure that UNKO will actively participate in PhD students and staff mobility by sending teachers and PhD students to partner institutions to conduct investigation, take courses or have a short term training at host institution or by accepting incoming students and staff to conduct a part of their investigation or train UNKO teachers or students.

Key staff involved in the project :

  1. Asc. prof. Ilir Niçko, PhD Contact
  2. Asc. prof. Gjergji Mero, PhD Contact
  3. Asc. prof. Besnik Skenderasi, PhD Contact
  4. Assc.  prof. Irena Kallço, PhD Contact
  5. Rezana Pengu, PhD Contact
  6. Msc. Fatos Zerelli, PhD student Contact
  7. As. prof. Fehmi Xemo, PhD
  8. Nikollaq Roshanji, PhD Contact


  1. Xhuliana Qirinxhi Contact
  2. Orges Cara